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Hair Studio 55 is certified by Eyes On Autism as Certified Autism Friendly

We have taken the steps to enhance autism awareness and knowledge to make hair cutting a bit easier for families on the spectrum.  We have created a form for families or caregivers to complete to help ease the process because we know a hair cut may not be so easy.

We welcome all children and adults of any ability into our salon.  We understand something as 'simple' as a haircut may not be.  Be assured that all of our staff are compassionate & understanding of all children and adults on the spectrum.  Hair Studio 55 is introducing a client  intake form to make your visit to the salon as easy as possible.

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Please open the form below for clients on the autism spectrum. Our salon, Hair Studio 55, is an Eyes On Autism approved salon. We received training by Eyes On Autism so that we can better serve our clients with Autism. Please fill out the form in its entirety so that we can serve our clients best interests and make his/her experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

What does Certified Autism Friendly represent?

This certification is a stamp of approval granted by Eyes on Autism and represents that our business and employees have taken steps towards enhancing your autism awareness by taking part in structured instruction programs. Our business is recognized as a friendly environment for families on the autism spectrum knowing your visit will be met with someone that understands the Autism community. 

For more information please consider joining the Certified Autism Friendly movement. JOIN HERE

"My amazing autistic son has changed the way I view the world. My mission in life as a mother is to make other's understand that being different is a quality we all have. We need to be understanding and accepting of others. To quote many "I wouldn't change you for the world, but I would change the world for you"". Board Member -- Liz 

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